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Extension Handle Electric Spin Scrubber
Features: Efficient and waterproof: Supported by the powerful spin system which ensures the rotate speed up to 350r/min or 280r/min, the torque up to enables it won’t abruptly stop running when applying due pressure, no worry about any stubborn stains....
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Electric Spin Scrubber
High-torque handheld spin scrubber power up to 350 r/min, it can work continuously for up to 100 minutes after 2.5 hours of fast charging. The LED screen makes it easy to read the current mode and the remaining power, comes with...
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Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner
【TWO MODES STRONG SUCTION】AIRSEE small cordless vacuum cleaner uses a strong power motor with low and high suction modes for you to choose. Low suction about 7Kpa to suck light hair or dust, high suction above 14Kpa for large litters....
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Deep Sleep Helper-Sound Machine
White Noise Machine with Baby/Adult Night Light for Sleeping, High Fidelity Sounds, Timer Feature, Sound Machine for Baby Adults, Home, Office, Travel. 31 different sounds can be selected. Small size, lightweight, timer indicator and USB power supply give you a...
$38.99 $32.99
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In the future, AIRSEE will contine focusing on health, relaxation and decompression and make brilliant products!

White Noise Machine
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Nail Salon Manicure

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The Ultimate Guide on How White Noise can Induce a Healthy Sleep Pattern!

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Why Insomnia Need to Choose One White Noise Machine?

Why Insomnia Need to Choose One White Noise Machine?

White noise is a signal or sound with a flat frequency spectrum. White noise can not only help you fall asleep, but it can also help you stay asleep. And even if you are...

Customer Reviews

Well-rested Baby = Well-rested Momma!

I like that the sound fades out at the end of the timer instead of abruptly stopping. I've found that my son sleeps better if I leave it on all night, so the timer feature isn't important to me, but I appreciate that it's there. The thing that matters most is that this helps my baby sleep for longer stretches (which means I can too!) so I'm really happy.
Lexy Shauers

August 14, 2019

Great sound machine!!

We use this daily and nightly. Daycare loves this. There are plenty of sounds to choose from. There should easily be a favorite for everyone in this little sound machine. It works while it's plugged in and the battery lasts about 9 hours of continuous use of both sound and cycling through the colors. I recommend it to anyone that's going to have a baby or needs white noise to sleep. I know there are apps to get on your phone, they are not the same and not close to the same quality.

February 7, 2020

This thing puts everyone to sleep!

Got this for my 10 year old nephew to help him sleep. Turns out it works for the dads too! Haha. This little machine is AMAZING! It has a great speaker and sounds very realistic!! I highly recommend for all age groups. Tons of sounds to include white noise, a few jingles and nature sounds. You can set it to play for 30, 60 or 90 minutes at a time. Very nice and compact for travel!

October 19, 2019

Our Mission to bring people a healthier life.

AIRSEE - NEW SUB-BRAND of Melodysusie. Yes, that's right! MelodySusie acquired AIRSEE Brand. We’re happy to say we have a lot more in store in 2020 and beyond. We’re proud of our history and evolution, that has given us the strength to keep going and helped us to grow. In the future, AIRSEE will contine focusing on health, relaxation and decompression and make brilliant products!
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